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Gen. Douglas McArthur

"History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into economic and political decline. There has neither been a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster."

p. 96 The New world Order & The Throne of the anti-CHRIST


"A different vision and course of action"

Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson, SWEDEN

"A world consensus has been established on critical issues: *the rights of children, *sustainable development, *human rights* and *population and development....All this has been possible because of the new era. The cold war is over....But ethics and economics are on the side of change....Social development and justice also has a financial price...New ideas must be explored. Oscar Arias (peace plan)...The recent turbulence on the global financial markets has once again demonstrated the need for improving global economic governance...the UN can play an even more important role by establishing a economic security council. All the efforts at reforming the UN should be seen as one process...this process should be summed up at a World Conference on Global Governance in 1998. Its decisions could then be put into effect by the year 2000, giving world democracy new strength in the new millennium."

Dr. Ul Haq

"While it is unrealistic to expect that leaders will sign a new framework of cooperation at the Summit, 'they can say "let the serious work begin on the architecture for a new framework of development cooperation.'"

Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland

"There is no other way to equity and social justice than empowering people, - men and women--allowing democracy to work,--harnessing market forces,--taxing surpluses and redistributing the proceeds.

Population growth threatens to disrupt beyond recovery the equilibrium between people, resources and the carrying capacity of the planet. The Cairo Conference gave us hope that w may be able to stabilize our numbers before it is too late.

There are global bills which are truly commons. Bills for peace, bills for environmental protection, bills for development which must be shared equitably....That is why we would make a mistake if we simply dismiss new systems of international taxation, be they on international transactions or the use of global commons, such as airspace.

We live in a global neighborhood. Our solidarity must transcend borders and generations."

Don Eduardo Frei Ruiz-tangle, President of Chile

...A new world order based on an ethical consensus...The definition of democracy and of free trade is universal. ..The call to create a new world order should be repeated..."This world order cannot exist without a new ethical consensus between nations of the earth--which is---the spirit of cooperation, of equality, and of a common idea of social progress. The idea on the role of the State--as being the provider--has been exhausted---For this new era we need to create a State of justice and equality, based on an equity of opportunity and just for all....