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Interview with President Rawlings

JV: I was able to ask President Rawlings about the money he asked the United Nations for in order to feed the starving children of South Africa. Has the UN appropriated monies to feed the starving children of Africa. If not, I would like to challenge the CEO's in this class room to do so.

Rawlings: Please feel free to do so. Let us not say that attempts are not being made by various organizations, NGO's who assist in various ways, including helping with education. Our soldiers died for $3.00 a day as a result of fighting the carnage in Liberia. These are FATHERS OF CHILDREN WHO NEED THEM ALIVE IN ORDER TO TAKE CARE OF THEM. They died in a war front in a country that is not theirs. Ghana has been rated I think at the very bottom, next to Chile in terms of their resources we spend o our armed forces--you can check it out. There is very little national budgetary money which is allocated to the militia so that in situations where we are threatened or to say we are going to war with our neighbors. Do you know how we have money for our soliders? Middle east operations. Most soliders earn about $30 a day. Out of the $30 a day--we started with $10, then it was $8.00. Then we handed over to the regime? to buy the .... for the soldiers. Then it was increased to $10.00 or $12.00. When we came back, we took it right back and said you were right--to $8.00. I said no because of the devaluation problem--you have to $15.00 because of the water problem. This is Middle East Operations, from $10.00 to about $12-$13.00. He went on had Out of $30, we started with $10.00.... I can't make up - the tape skips very badly.

Malaria is klling more in South Africa than AIDS. Check it out. One bullet would have provided so much of the medicine to cure the people--to keep them alive, to provide water for my people, clean water.

The revolt was started in Ghana---by the UN decided get involved, the neighboring countries being affected by the situation in Liberia--when the Un decided to set in. Ghana did not benefit from the assistance--the financial apsect of it, neither did Nigeria....he spoke to Tanzania--your troops were given close to about $15.00 a day, is that not true sir? (this person said something) Rawlings said, "No, No, No---we started with $3.00." When they gave your people this huge amount is when we have to step out. $15.00 please!!! We know the problem--you were given $5.00 on the ground and the rest---my brother please.....there were other countries....it was a very painful and very difficult situation for us. If I am wrong, I am prepared to have a press conference and apologize to you and to the world for misinforming the world because it created TENSION between Nigerian and Ghanian troops---and those in East Africa.

I don't think I have answered your question--I am trying to take it deeper than the question of children because the loss of the lives of those people makes it impossible for them to look after these orphans. 40% from the problems at home to the .....65%.

Children--who are they? They are the future and if we don't start as early as we possibly can, we will be destroying our future and the generations of the future.